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Corporate Governance

At Bayrock Resources, we are committed to the highest standards in protecting the environment, fulfilling our social responsibility, and adhering to exemplary corporate governance policies.

The principles of “ESG” are the foundation upon which, Bayrock Resources was established.

The Company’s products are intended to satisfy the future supply deficit of metals that are increasingly required to facilitate the planet’s transition to a decarbonised economy, and our operations are foreseen to achieve impressive net-zero credentials.


Bayrock Resources will work actively to protect the surrounding environment and give environmental aspects due consideration in all decisions during all phases of our mining projects, from prospecting to mine operation and final decommissioning and remediation.

The measures we implement will be based on an assessment of what is environmentally justified, technically feasible and economically reasonable. The Company shall work systematically with programmes for planning, execution, follow-up and improvement of its environmental protection effort.

Social Commitments

Bayrock Resources is committed to building positive and ongoing relationships with indigenous peoples and local communities in the regions where we operate. Our projects in Sweden are located in reindeer husbandry areas and a good long-term cooperation with the Sami villages is genuinely important to us.

In order to minimise negative effects and impact from mining operations, the Company strives for an open dialogue with local Sami communities. The aim is to understand the impact of our activities in the community and on quality of life, and be aware of the risks that must be mitigated.

At Bayrock Resources: equal employment opportunity (diversity, gender equality, indiscrimination), human rights (opposing child labour and human trafficking), anti-bribery, anti-corruption, and sustainable sourcing of goods & services; are important values that have always been practiced by the Company’s directors throughout their careers and form an unwavering characteristic of Bayrock Resources Limited.


The key principles of corporate governance at Bayrock Resources are:

  • Transparency – Being clear about our operations and performance, both externally and internally, and maintaining dialogue with stakeholders and the market generally.
  • Accountability – Ensuring that there is clarity of decision making within the Company, with processes in place to ensure that the responsible members of our human resources team are empowered to make effective decisions efficiently, with appropriate consequences for failures to comply with relevant best industry practices.
  • Integrity – Establishing and maintaining a corporate culture that is committed to ethical behaviour, respect for all stakeholders, and compliance with the applicable laws.

You may access the Company’s Corporate Governance Plan (including our ESG policy) by downloading it from here.

You may also download a copy of the Company’s Constitution here.